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Tony Jones
Serving Central & Western Alaska

* Condition / Valuation Surveys

* Damage Claims

* Expert Witness

* ON / OFF Hire

* Suitability for Tow

* Audio Gauging

*Cargo Surveys

* Wreck Removal Oversight

* Pollution Mitigation Oversight

* Out of Water Hull Inspections

I began Watermark Marine Surveying and Consulting in 2010 and have since been conducting C/V surveys, damage claims (some jointly with other firms), audio gauging, writing reports, letters of opinion. I have been called as an expert witness and given depositions in marine accident litigation involving civil and punitive damages.


I was professionally involved in new construction, vessel maintenance and upgrades at Hanson, Duwamish, Union Baym, Northlake, Foss, FVO, Pacific Fisherman, Hoquiam, Marco, Lake Union Dry Dock, Barnacle Point, Nichols Borthers, Giddings, Blaine Shipways, Dakota Creek, Mid-coast and Ded Wahl Shipyards with large vessels.


I was involved with arbitration with Seattle's largest fishing industry law firm, Mikklsborg Broz and negotiated vessel acquistion and fishing rights with Seattle's largest vessel consultants: Marine Resourse Consultans (MRC).


I have outlined specifications for contracts with Jensen Maritime Consultants and negotiated vessel sales and assets with America's largest Seafood companies.


I owned and managed Dreamboat Annie Inc., which operated sixteen fishing vessles from 1978 to present.


I am presently, and in the past, been employed to give depositions, write letters of opinion, and called as an expert in maritime litigation.


I am a member of the US Marine Surveyors Association, with accreditation in Master Marine Surveying and Accident and Fraud investigating, ABYC, IAMI and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.


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